Thermaflect Windows


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Millennium Home Design has teamed up with the Earthwise Group to provide a high quality high efficient windows. The Earthwise Group is a group of manufacturers, distributors, and companies that produce and distribute energy efficient products to help homeowners maximize energy savings as well as giving them the highest quality available. From choosing the best materials for the vinyl components to using superior, energy-efficient glass in the window, to the actual testing of the finished window or door, Millennium Home Design products excel from start to finish. Combining the best vinyl construction with our Thermaflect glass creates the best replacement window on the market today. Call us today at (260) 440-2057 when you need thermaflect insulated windows in Fort Wayne, IN.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

All Millennium Home Design products are manufactured utilizing high-tech, computer integrated equipment and lean thinking- constant-flow production principles. These highly efficient production methods ensure the very highest standard of quality control. They also allow Millennium Home Design to manufacture the windows for your home within exact specifications in world record time! Our constant-flow production process keeps your order together as it is made, ensuring that it will be complete and correct at the end of the production line.

We believe that efficiency and cleanliness are virtues, so we run our company that way. Our factory is always pristine clean and so are our windows. Every unit is thoroughly washed and gone over with a fine-toothed comb before it gets to you. Your windows literally do not touch the ground until they are fully wrapped and ready to ship.

Millennium Home Design is a “customer-centric” company with the satisfaction of the customer at its core. We provide:

  • Highly Accurate Computer Integrated Saw Stations
  • Dual-stacked Four Point Welding Stations
  • Automated Weld Cleaning Station for Window Sash
  • Quality Oriented Final Assembly Station
  • All Windows are Thoroughly Washed Before Wrapping
  • Windows are Wrapped With Care Prior to Shipping

Thermaflect Glass

Thermaflect Glass Composition

Windows that make sense is what we do best. Responsible environmental stewardship is our goal. No matter where you live, Millennium Home Design Thermaflest Glass will help you achieve your goal, saving resources and money with your heating and cooling. Our Thermaflect Glass System is a dual glazed insulated glass unit which consists of 3 layers of silver, and a stainless steel spacer system.

  • Ideal balance of solar control and high visibility
  • Year-round comfort and energy savings
  • Suitable for all areas
  • Spectrally selective – the ultimate in solar heat control, fading protection and visibility
  • Warm wintertime inside surface temperatures with less condensation
  • Outperforms tinted glass used in warmer climates without darkening your view
  • Allows you to enjoy your view in the summertime
  • 12 layer patented protection

Three ways to save:

  • Annual energy savings
  • A/C equipment savings
  • Tax benefits

The perfect window no matter where you live. When you want to try thermaflect windows in Fort Wayne, IN, give us a call at (260) 440-2057 and let us help you.