Lifetime Warranty

Millennium Home Design offers several warranties to help protect your investment in our replacement windows. They are as follows: 

  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Free Service Pledge
  • No-Fault Glass Breakage Warranty


Millennium Thermaflect Windows are warranted against defects in vinyl for as long as the windows remain part of the property. Millennium Thermaflect Windows agree to repair or replace, FREE OF CHARGE, any vinyl that is found to be defective. Vinyl main frames and vinyl sash frames are warranted not to pit, corrode, or crack under normal use and service for a period of lifetime from date of installation. For these conditions Millennium Thermaflect Windows will assume one hundred (100%) of the cost of material and replacement parts, for a period of lifetime from date of installation. The word “defect” as used in this part of the warranty is defined as imperfections which impair the utility of the product.


We warrant that under normal conditions, material obstruction of vision resulting from film formation or dust collection BETWEEN THE INTERIOR GLASS surfaces of the insulated unit will not occur for a period of the lifetime from date of contract. CHANGES IN TEMPERATURES AND HUMIDITY SUCH AS BATHROOMS AND KITCHENS MAY CREATE TEMPORARY CONDITIONS OF CONDENSATION. THERMAFLECT WINDOWS MAKE NO WARRANTIES REGARDING PRE-EXISTING CONDENSATION CONDITIONS OR ITS CONTROL.
If the customer sells this property, the customer must notify Millennium Home Design with 15 days of settlement for the warranty to become transferable. Any customer having an unpaid balance or money due to Millennium Home Design will cause this warranty to become null and void.

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Lifetime glass breakage coverage for the original purchaser/property owner and 20 years or the succeeding owner.

Millennium Thermaflect Windows, manufacturer of Vinyl replacement windows, maker available to the original purchaser or present property owner, the Lifetime Non-Prorated Transferable Limited Warranty, warranting against glass breakage for as long as the property owners (single family owner occupied) shall own or reside in the home in which the products were installed from the date of window installation.

If glass breakage does occur within the time period specified according to the provisions of the Warranty, then Millennium Home Design agrees to provide the replacement glass free of charge.

This warranty is valid only so long as the windows are installed on the premises of the original installation. Removal of the windows invalidates this Warranty. This Warranty does not cover acts of God such as Hurricanes, Floods, Earthquakes, etc. For further information please contact our office.

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