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Call the roof professionals at (260) 440-2057 if you require dependable and affordable residential roofing in Fort Wayne, IN! Millennium Home Design is a professional residential roofing company that has been serving the Fort Wayne community for years with effective roof solutions and exceptional customer service. If you require a new roof, or if your current roof system is in need of restoration or repairs, you can rely on our dedicated roofers to help you locate the ideal solution that accommodates your budget and meets your requirements! Our roofers are all experienced in many materials and types of roofing. They are also all fully insured and certified to do their job correctly. We make sure that this is done so that you can feel confident that your homes roof is in the best hands possible.

Residential Roofing Company

In order to properly protect your house from the elements, it is critical that your roof is maintained regularly by an expert and reliable residential roofer. At Millennium Home Design, we specialize in residential roofing services of all kinds, such as roof repairs, replacements, as well as installations. When you require a residential roofer in Fort Wayne, IN that uses high-quality supplies, and stands by the quality of his results, contact us at (260) 440-2057 and talk to any of our roof professionals. With each interaction, we want you to feel confident in our services. You are welcome to check out our website to see all of the services we provide or give us a call during our business hours and we will be more than happy to have someone speak with you or come out to your home if you would like. Our salesmen are always friendly and can go over the different options and offer free quotes to help make your decision to choose us easier.

Green Shield Insulation

Green Shield is quickly becoming the most recognized home improvement project and the fastest return on investment. This product stops 97% of the radiant heat that can come into your home as well as keeps the heat in that you have already paid for. By simply installing Green Shield, it can give you up to 40% back on your energy consumption!

In the average home, heating water can account for as much as 13% of the total energy bill. The department of energy states that water heaters should have an R-value of R-24 and if your water heater is more than 6 years old it likely doesn’t meet codes for insulation. Wrapping your water heater in Green Shield will hold the heat you already pay for in the water tank and will stop the rapid heat cycle that occurs.

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For top quality assurance, we teach each and every one of our team members in evolving industry standards and methods, and we make sure that all of our contractors are licensed as well as insured. Our services are more than just high quality, but also cost-effective. On our site, you can find some of the services we offer, and use the links to discover more! Call our professionals at (260) 440-2057 if you require a residential roofer that provides you with quality repair and long-lasting results. Remember that we are all here for you in every roofing need you have and are always willing and ready to make sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.