Professional Metal Roof Installation in Fort Wayne, IN


Metal Roofing Is One Of The Best Ways To Protect Your Roof.

Many roofing types are specifically for residences or specifically for businesses, but metal roof systems are different, and work wonderfully for almost any structure. Metal roof installations are so durable, they can effectively defend your home against fire, wind, and even hail, which means lowered insurance premiums for you! There are also tons of styles as well as colors to choose from, so you know you won’t need to sacrifice style for reliability. At Millennium Home Design, we provide an extensive selection of options for metal roof installation in Fort Wayne, IN, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Call us at (260) 440-2057 now to begin, or to ask one of our experienced roofers for an estimate.

Residential Metal Roofing Services

Have you been researching efficient residential roof solutions? Due to a variety of benefits, particularly longevity, metal roofs are no longer only used on commercial buildings and are becoming a common choice for roofing a residential house. Despite the high initial installation cost, a metal roof system delivers substantial savings and benefits to your home throughout its lifetime. If you are considering a residential metal roof installation in Fort Wayne, IN, give us a ring now at (260) 440-2057! Dedicated to unshakable customer service, and driven to offer high-quality products, Millennium Home Design has been roofing in our community for years!

Why Choose A Metal Roof Installation?

Metal Roof

A Metal Roof On Your Home Adds a Great Industrial Style.

Aside from increasing curb appeal and increasing your home's property value, your metal roofing will also give you significantly improved durability. Contrary to tin roofs, residential metal roof systems provide just as much quiet as a traditional roof, thanks to their reliable insulation systems. Furthermore, you can count on your metal roof to work up to 3 times longer than an asphalt shingle roof, because it is significantly stronger. With this durability comes an impressive protection from winds and hails, as well as a superior fire resistance rating. And if you believed that metal roof systems could not possibly have any more perks, think again, because these roof systems even reduce waste, and increase the energy efficiency of your house!

Metal Roof Repair Services

While there are many types of metal roof materials to choose from, any of them offer a fairly consistent amount of resilient protection. Nothing is entirely indestructible, however, and your metal roof solution can be damaged in certain situations. If you do happen to need metal roof repair, you can expect the repairs to be pretty straightforward, such as replacing a single panel. Experienced and quality installation is the most effective way to avoid the need for roof repairs, so do not get a metal roof installation from inexperienced contractors! Provided here, you can check out some of the metal roofing services we provide to our clients.

  • Aluminum RoofingAluminum roofing is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and designed to last for several decades.
  • Mechanical Lock Metal RoofThis type of standing seam metal roofing is preferred for steeper slope roofs and is less costly than a snap lock.
  • Metal ShinglesMetal shingles are created to appeal to a selection of different roofing styles and can be made to look like alternative roof materials.
  • Snap Lock Metal Roofs If you are searching for a standing seam variety that is easily applied and is rated for low slope roofs, then a snap lock roof might be ideal.
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing Standing seam metal roofs are among the most popular metal roofing designs in the industry, and with good reason!
  • Stone Coated Steel Stone coated steel is one of the preferred choices for residential roofing, and many clients adore its traditional style.

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At Millennium Home Design, we specialize in many kinds of roofing, including metal roofing. Our experts have years of experience in offering high-quality metal roof repair and installation services within this community, and we only utilize top-quality materials for every project. Metal roofs are perfect for individuals that want better protection than shingles, along with a lower cost than clay or slate. From standing seam to stone coated steel, our crew can supply you with almost any type of metal roof installation in Fort Wayne, IN and the nearby areas! Dial (260) 440-2057 now to discover more about your metal roofing choices, or to ask for an estimate.