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Knowing when the time to replace your windows isn’t always as clear as you might assume. If your windows are more than 15 years old or then it might be time to check and make sure that your windows are still operating correctly and that you are not missing out on the many improvements in window technology. Your windows are the eyes of your home; they are an important character-defining feature creating great impact on its overall value and visual appearance. The following guide shows you the major concerns and reason for window replacement and the many reasons that it might be time to consider changing out old windows in favor of newer and better solutions.

EASE OF OPERATION – Do you hesitate to open your windows because they don’t lift, swing or slide easily? Is the hardware broken? Are your windows hard to clean? Do you windows operate the way that you want them to? Newer windows come in every possible configuration and style that you want them to. When looking at ease of operation here are some things to consider. Look for a window system with a stainless steel constant force balance system. This type of balance system enables the windows to be trouble and maintenance free while providing smooth operation making sure your windows stay where they are put and eliminates any sagging or the need for adjusting. For maximum ventilation and easy cleaning look for dual tilt in sashes.

NOISE LEVELS – Can you hear outside noise like passing traffic, wind, and other various neighborhood noises clearly through your closed window? New window technology takes advantage of materials, laminations and gas-fills that virtually eliminate outside noise from traffic, airports and busy areas. This can be a major factor for people in deciding when to upgrade.Search for windows that are double or triple paned and filled with argon gas, these two features together will allow the glass panes to aide in noise reduction. Also look for sashes and frames that are insulated to help control noise levels. With new replacement windows that combine these features, you will not be bothered by all the outside traffic, wind, and various neighborhood noises.
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CURB APPEAL / AESTHETICS – Do your current windows match and enhance the facade of your home? Are they as beautiful as you would like them to be? Are the frames rotting or is the paint peeling or chipping around your current windows? Our vinyl window replacements come exactly the color, trim and styles that you decide on. Design and matching the new windows to the rest of the home is one of our specialties and you get to make sure that the entire project is selected to your satisfaction. Replacing your old, worn out, unattractive windows will create the wow factor that compliments the architectural style and distinctive structure of your home increasing the curb appeal. Vinyl windows are engineered to provide a life-time of beauty to not only the inside but the outside of your home are will offer a great choice. Wraps (what is used to cover the gap created by the framework and weather stripping) that complement and match the exterior view of your home will allow for a flawless look. Many styles are also available from double-hung to casement and picture windows, this will add character-defining elements to your home.

LEAKING / MOLD – Are your current windows showing signs of water leakage such as visible moisture on the interior area around your windows or mold has mold started growing around those areas? Older windows eventually leak moisture into the home through and around walls, or do not insulate well enough and condensation is always present when moist air from inside the the home comes into contact with cold surfaces. Controlling the flow of moisture into and out of the home is important to both your own environment and to the structure of the framework. Certain features in new replacement windows like positive sloped sills are designed to maximize water run off stopping water leakage and eliminating mold growth. The weather is stopped feature like three layers of weather stripping & double mylar fins. This makes water infiltration along the windows nearly impossible. Add composite reinforcement to provide structural integrity in both sashes which eliminates water leakage completely.

DRAFTY WINDOWS / BAD SEALS – Do your windows leave your rooms feeling chilly in the winter or over heated in the summer? Airflow should be controlled into and out of your house and not a product of outside winds or weather. Are you still using storm windows? New windows perform much better without the hassle of installing and removing storm windows. Seek windows that combine factors like high performance Thermaflect glass, Duralite warm edge spacers, and argon gas fill. The combination of these three features will maximize the replacement window’s ability to keep the warm air in while keeping the cold air out and just the opposite during the warmer months. The ability to keep temperatures stable in your home through all seasons keeps you cozy comfortable and alllows your climate control systems heating, humidifying, de-humidifying and air conditioning to function properly and economically.

CraneBoard-7EFFICIENCY – Are your windows single paned, with only one layer of glass between inside and outside? Are they Energy Star Certified? Are you spending too much on your heating and cooling bills? We only selll the most energy efficient newest windows types available. We manufacture state-of-the-art solutions windows and doors. Our products are some of the most efficient on the market and rest assured that you are getting the best possible quality. We use no shortcuts and take advantage of all technological and material advances creating a truly superb product that far outperforms other windows available.

SAFETY / SECURITY – Would it be difficult to easily get out of your windows in case of a fire? Could someone easily gain access into your home through your windows? If you have answered yes to either one of these questions, before an event happens might be the time to invest in replacement windows. Newer windows have many built in safety and security features. Determining what features to look for and what is important to you is what this manual is designed for. Its up to you to make sure the windows you buy match your specific needs. Your windows, in particular, play a vital role in home fire safety and break in protection. The new replacement windows you are looking at should be manufactured with self extinguishing vinyl and fiberglass insulation these two features allow the window to keep from starting a blaze or melting. Also, make sure all sashes in the windows you are looking for easily extract to turn your window into a doorway for fire escape. To help with security keep two things in mind to look for: a dual locking system that activates the tilt latch while staying hidden from view and night vent latches that allow for ventilation at night with the benefit of security.

These are the main factors the determine when the time has come to purchase new windows. There can be many reasons that drive the decision, and they differ from person to person. Some of the reasons are more more pressing than others. When the time has come for your windows to be replaced make sure to choose a company you trust to do so.

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  • I think the biggest reason to get new windows is to make sure your house is energy efficient. It is kind of amazing how much heat or cool air escapes through windows. If you don’t believe me, I think there are places where you can rent heat-sensing cameras that show you where you are losing the most heat in your home. Surprise, the major culprit is the windows. You can get around this by buying window films and resealing the window frames, However, if you have to do this I think it is just time to save up for new windows.

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