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by Lisa Raber on Millennium Home Design
Great Warranty

After checking the pros and cons of redoing our roof with shingles or going to a metal roof, we made the decision to go with metal. We talked to a couple of companies and we chose Millennium Home Design. The two biggest selling points to us were the materials they use and their warranty. We will never have to worry about redoing our roof again. It only took one day to get our roof completely redone and we love it. We love the new look and the compliments that we get.Thank you Millennium Home Design.Lisa Raber

by Joshua D. Hancock on Millennium Home Design
Superior Product

Millennium Home Design,I’m convinced that Millennium Home Design provides a superior product. I found the demo of the windows to be very convincing and I appreciate that the company stands behind their products. In the end,I was willing to commit to the expense of the windows “on the spot” because I felt that it was an opportunity to save some money on a good long term investment. We could have replaced the windows with another company for significantly less,but would have been paying for an inferior product (and potentially a short term solution).I care very much that the jobs I pay for are done with the care that I would do them with if I had the proper training. I’m a visual person and I want things to look “right” and be integrated into the overall aesthetic of a house. You could say that I’m a bit of a perfectionist. It’s not uncommon for me to ask a company back out to fix something that wasn’t done properly the first time. Millennium Home Design did the job right the first time. I left in the morning and when I got home from work,the job was done. I was happy to see that the wrapping on the window sills had been done in order to provide long-term protection from the weather,while at the same time integrating the window sill into the aesthetic of the greater window. I was also happy to find that the subtle tinting did not seem to darken the room. The installers were very professional and even offered my wife advice about the care of some of our existing steel windows.Overall,I would give Millennium Home Design an “A”. My older windows had been weighing on me for some time because I knew that they were being damaged by the elements and that lead paint within them could provide a long-term hazard for my three children. When Millennium Home Design asked to speak with us I was interested in a bid,but knew that we had to save some money first. I’m appreciative that Millennium Home Design was able to give us a “break” on their high quality windows,but I feel that that their show home sales tactic requires pressuring the customer to make an immediate decision. Our salesperson was really friendly and knowledgeable, but at the time we were asked to make a decision when we had not had the opportunity to seek other bids, and out children needed to be put to bed. I could understand why Millennium Home Design would request a guide response,but I’m sure those policies are focused more on generating income than the best interest of the customer. Millennium Home Design is able to justify this sales tactic by saying “this is what we are doing for you” and while I’m grateful for a reduced price. I’m not convinced the price couldn’t also be available the next day. Nothing changes for Millennium Home Design other than a second visit from their representative. Meanwhile, the customer can make a non-pressured decision. Instead,Millennium Home Design characterizes this time sensitive offer as something that will go away and could be offered to another home in your area. This is a common practice among similar companies. As a home owner with three children,who makes around $40,000 a year,and recently paid $8,000 for a new roof, making a $6,000 commitment was a very big deal. It would have been ideal to have an opportunity to feel that sleeping on the decision for a night would not cost me thousands of dollars. It was not a comfortable “welcome to the family” (despite our awesome salesperson).Sincerely,Joshua D. Hancock

by Jeff Merrell on Millennium Home Design
Satisfaction with Warranty

Unlike other manufacturers/contractors, Millennium home design honored their warranty with exceptional pride. There was no attempt to wiggle out by placing the blame on me, they understood the problem and quickly accepted responsibility and immediately ordered a replacement sash. I was shocked at the ease with which I was able to resolve the problem with my window. The other windows I had installed are still looking great and performing as advertised with no defects. This company has certainly earned my trust and admiration. I will be arranging for more work in the near future.

by Tom & Karen Miller on Millennium Home Design

We don’t usually purchase things from people who appear at the door, but we had been talking about what to do about the roof when it needed replaced. Usually my husband would replace the roof as he has several times over the years. But we are getting older and I knew I did not want him on the roof anymore. We had even talked about looking into a metal roof.When you appeared at the door we decided to go ahead and have it done now so we wouldn’t have to worry anymore about it. The crew was able to come in less than a week and had the roof done in one day. Everything was cleaned up nicely. We are very pleased with the new roof and have received a lot of compliments. Thanks so much.

by Josh DeWitt on Millennium Home Design
Great work!

I had my new windows installed 9-29-16. Not only did the windows look amazing and help cut down the loss of heat, but the 2 guys that installed them were great! They were courteous enough, that anything near bye they though may get a spec of dust on it they covered in plastic. I would highly recommend them!

by Jayne Baker on Millennium Home Design

I love these windows. I have a 2 story house and had 21 windows installed. These windows greatly improved the look of my house, what an up grade. During the installation process my house was kept clean, they always put drop cloths down, and you can tell they take pride in their work. My windows come with a great warranty. I highly recommend these windows. Thank you Millennium Home Design.

by Terry S. Robbins on Millennium Home Design
My Experience!!!!

Kim the sales lady was very knowledgeable and helpful. I've had 9 windows replaced and one of which was a bow window. She explained and went over everything to detail. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone needing windows.

by Anonymous on Millennium Home Design

Recently had 9 windows replaced on the south end of our home. Installers were prompt & polite, carefully removed & replaced each window making sure they worked properly. The outside trim was well done, looks great! They cleaned up as they went COULD NOT ASK FOR A BETTER JOB. Well done Millennium Home Design Windows!Goshen. Indiana

by Anonymous on Millennium Home Design

I recently had my roof replaced by Millennium Home Design. I am very please and satisfied with their work;. Andre the sales representative was very helpful in answering all of my questions. He made a big decision a lot easier for me, since I felt well-informed. The work crew was very polite and courteous. They did a great job, and far exceeded my expectations as far as cleaning up the mess afterward. I would recommend Millennium Home Design to anyone for their home improvements. They even set up a finance plan for me. Andre made the whole process easy for me. Thank you all for a job well done!SincerelyKerry O'Dell

by Anonymous on Millennium Home Design

To Whom It May Concern,On Monday, September 7, 2015 Labor Day, the last thing I was thinking about was new windows in our home. We had lived in our home for twenty years & had replaced a few windows but like most folks life always seemed to get in the way of replacing all the windows. Besides I loved my old wavy glass windows but didnt like the wind tunnel we felt in the living room or the chill in the kitchen. So when the gentleman knocked on my door I was surprised by my response. First he was very polite, gave me my own physical space & was very well spoken. He was dressed with company apparel and was no at all high pressure. Why not give it a go? My husband is retired & I only plan on working 5 more years & this is the house we plan on staying in! Why not find outwhat this company is all about.On Tuesday September 9, 2015 Kimm Allen showed up exactly 20 minutes early! I'm always running a bit behind but her and my husband had already gotten to know each other quite well, Kimm was great! She explained the product very well & the pros & cons of all the windows on the market. She explained the Millennium business model (I had already researched) and it all made sense! At the end of the evening we decided to put our trust in this company, and we have not been disappointed. The windows were ordered the same night, the next day someone (Maurice, I believe) came by to re-measure, & the windows were installed on Monday, September 28,2015. All of them done in one day . . . amazing. I do think it was a long day for Bryan and he forgot to pick up the check for the remaining balance. No Worries . . . the check is here and ready and I believe Scott will be here today to give us a demostration of how the windows operate and of course pick up the check. All in all I'm more than pleased and we will be nice and toasty warm for the winter months. I can already tell a big difference in the sound levels too!Sincerely,Jo Ellen & Ron JohnstonPortland, Indiana

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  • gary condict

    Recently had 9 windows replaced on the south end of our home .Installers were polite and informative ,they cleaned up as they went ,made sure each window operated properly before installing next window. The outside trim work well done looks great! We love the windows!

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