Sliding Windows

Thermaflect Double Slider WindowMillennium Home Design ThermaFlect vinyl sliding window  is a horizontal window that slides back and forth; sometimes is called a glider or slider. Our sliding windows are designed to maximize ventilation when open and optimize light when closed. This type of window works well in areas where there is limited height but plenty of horizontal area is available. Sliding windows are a low-maintenance and cost-effective choice for your home.

2 Lite and 3 Lite Sliders Features

  • Easy cleaning lift-out sashes only lift out from the inside for added security.
  • Require very little effort and dexterity to open and close and glide along the window frame with ease.
  • Industrial quality steel bearing rollers permit easy operation.
  • Separate individual weep holes provide excellent drainage
  • Equal-size glass sashes provide an attractive visual appearance. (only in 2 lite)

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