Bay and Bow Windows

ThermaFlect Bow and Bay WindowsMillennium Home Design’s ThermaFlect bay and bow windows add dramatic style along with interest to any room, creating dimension and extra space as they project out from our home. Both, bay and bow windows have a seat board giving the room additional space for seating or decorations. They also are a beautiful enhancement to the exterior of the home, maximizing curb appeal.

When deciding to replace your existing windows you may want to consider a bay or bow window. Bay and bow windows are similar in design but there are some significant differences. Bay windows are made up of three windows, one main larger window in the center with two smaller windows angling inward creating a square or polygonal shape. Bow windows are available in multiple panels three, four, five or six lite configurations. Millennium Home Design offers multiple configurations using any type of window with virtually any size available to compliment the architecture of your home; giving you exactly what want and increasing the feeling of spaciousness to the room.

Bay and bow windows carry many advantages. The large size of a bay or bow window allow for a great deal of light to enter the home which will brighten up the interior with effects that can’t be duplicated with man made light sources. This can be a great benefit for those suffering through long winter months when sunlight can be scarce and they are a great area to place indoor plants!

Bay and bow windows give your home unique personality and architecture to both the inside and outside to what would normally be a flat wall. They add character to the outside of the home that is unparalleled to any other window style. Inside, the windows brighten the room, give a wide open feeling to the outside views, and add additional space which can be used for additional seating. All of these features give a warm welcoming feel to the home.

One concern homeowners have is wondering if bay and bow windows are less energy efficient. This is not true with the many energy saving features in the windows provided by Millennium Home Design and expert installation. As a matter of fact, Thermaflect bay and bow windows should actually save you money on your energy bills.

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