Awning and Hopper Windows

ThermaFlect Awning Style WindowsOur ThermaFlect awning windows work great in an area, like over the kitchen sink, where a smaller window is needed because they are wider rather than taller. They also are a great way to preserve your view of the outside and still have the ability to allow air flow, due to the fact that the hardware for the window is uniquely hinged at the top allowing the window to tilt open from the top towards the outside. Awning windows can be used alone or with other windows to create style and add accent to your room while allowing ventilation and light into your home.

Hopper windows are similar to casement windows that have been flipped sideways and are usually installed in basements allowing light and offer as much ventilation as possible in a compact space. The window is hinged at the bottom and tilts open at the top with the screen on the outside of the window.

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