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Windows that make sense… responsible environmental stewardship is our goal.Energy Efficient Windows

No matter where you live, Millennium Thermaflect Glass will help you achieve your goal, saving resources and money with your heating and cooling. Our Thermaflect Glass System is a dual glazed insulated glass unit which consists of 3 layers of silver, and a stainless steel spacer sys

  • Ideal balance of solar control and high visibility
  • Year-round comfort and energy savings
  • Suitable for all areas
  • Spectrally selective – the ultimate in solar heat control, fading protection and visibility
  • Energy Star (R)Warm wintertime inside surface temperatures with less condensation
  • Outperforms tinted glass used in warmer climates without darkening your view
  • Allows you to enjoy your view in the summertime
  • 12 layer patented protection
  • Three ways to save:
    • Annual energy savings
    • A/C equipment savings
    • Tax benefits
  • The perfect window no matter where you live.


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