Energy Efficient Features of ThermaFlect Replacement Windows

Features That Maximize Energy EfficiencyMillennium Home Design’s windows are made with a reflective coating called ThermaFlect that acts similar to the ozone layer. ThermaFlect glass keeps the radiant energy on the same side of the glass that it originated from while allowing all of the visible light to pass through. When the sun shines, the heat from its rays are reflected outward and if you are running your heater during the winter months its heat is reflected back into your home. UV rays are also kept out which can cause fading in fabrics like furniture carpet, and window treatments.

ThermaFlect replacement windows are filled with argon gas which is an odorless gas that is six times more dense than air and is used as insulation between the layers of glass which increases the energy efficiency, reduces the possibility of condensation, and improves the soundproofing properties of the window.

A very important feature in replacement windows is the spacer material used to separate the panes of glass. Warm edge spacer material is a technology created to improve the U-Value in the window which improves condensation resistance and keeps your home comfortable in the intense summer heat and frigid cold winters. The lower the U-Value the better the energy savings. ThermaFlect window’s Duralite (TM) Spacer System has a .29 U-Value compared to SuperSpacer .31 and Aluminum SB .34.

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