Argon Gas Explained

Windows in a home are the portals which allow light sound and energy to transfer most easily between the inside and outside environment. Argon gas is often used as an additional insulation layer between glass panes. Triple-pane glass panels with three layers of gas have two layers of argon gas fill. Argon gas is present naturally at about 1% in normal air. This same argon gas is refined and added to window panels whichArgon being a much more dense gas reduces heat exchange and dampens noise levels from traffic or city areas. Argon gas greatly increases energy efficiency by reducing the need for heating and cooling of the inside air. As my parents used to say, “We aren’t trying to heat the outside”. Argon is safe for use in windows because is is odorless, colorless and non-toxic. Argon gas displaces all other gases including water vapor which prevents moisture and condensation from forming inside the window panes. It can displace oxygen when released but there is not enough argon in your windows to cause a displacement of oxygen from your home even if all of them released all of their argon at once. Typically the argon in your windows slowly leaks at a rate of about 1% per year leaving you with 80% argon even after twenty years which is still a very effective level for insulative and energy saving properties. Combined with low-e (low emissivity) coatings, argon gas is what is recommended for the highest energy efficiency. These added layers reduce drafts and convection currents inside a home, and increase comfort levels both during summer and winter months. Allowing you to sit nearer to the window without feeling the heat or cold from the outside environment while still remaining transparent to visible light so that you can enjoy the outside visually. We use OptiGas & ThermalCERT technology which allow us to prove what cannot be seen with scientific instruments. We measure the actual thermal conductivity of the glass when filled. Production is stopped if measurements are outside of the defined limits. We are one of the only companies to provide certification from a third party that guarantees the amount of argon in your windows.

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