• 5 Benefits of Replacement Windows

    Millennium Home Design offers a wide variety of window options which contain rewards and benefits to homeowners that may not be apparent to the naked eye.

    Financial Benefits – One of the greatest benefits to replacing old windows is the savings in energy costs a homeowner will gain. Most older home’s have inefficient, single paned windows. Today’s technology in windows is more advanced than ever with a major focus on energy efficiency. When you replace your old windows with new,  you will immediately see a reduction in your heating and cooling costs. You will also increase your home’s value when updating to new windows. Reports have shown that replacement windows rank in the top 5 returns on investments when comparing home improvement projects.

    Home Security – Did you know new windows can increase the security in your home? Many older windows have loose fitting locking mechanisms making it easier to pry open from the outside. New windows have been tested for forced entry and come with improved locking mechanisms to give you peace of mind knowing that your home is as secure as possible.

    Curb Appeal – New windows bring surprisingly aesthetic advantages to your home and make your home look brighter inside and out giving it a polished and cleaner look especially if your old windows are peeling, chipped and blistering. You can be creative with your window choices and change the style of window size. For instance, you can bring character and a focal point into a room by selecting a bay window with a window seat or adding an awning window to a replacement picture window. The options are endless!

    Sound Reduction and Overall Comfort – An often overlooked benefit to replacement windows is their ability to reduce noise from the outside coming in as well as noise transmitted from the interior to the outdoors. In addition, the overall comfort level inside the home is increased due to draft reduction and consistent desirable temperatures are easily maintained in hot summer months and the freezing winter.

    Low Maintenance – Washing windows can be a great challenge and inconvenience. Millennium Home Design’s replacement windows are designed to be low maintenance by offering tilt in sash features so you can clean both sides of the windows from the inside of your house. You will never have to reach for a ladder or hire a cleaning company. The option of having vinyl frames means you will never have to paint again!

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